Sostanze pericolose nell’abbigliamento outdoor? Allarme da Greenpeace

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Per conto di Greenpeace, due laboratori indipendenti hanno testato 17 capi d’abbigliamento outdoor alla ricerca di perfluorinati e perfluorocarburi (PFCs).

The latest investigation by Greenpeace Germany reveals that outdoor clothing contains chemicals that are hazardous to the environment and to human health. This follows an analysis conducted on items produced and sold by various outdoor clothing brands. From the fi fteen jackets and two pairs of gloves tested, all samples except one were found to contain concentrations of both perfl uorinated and polyfl uorinated chemicals (PFCs). The one exception was a PFC-free declared jacket which was contaminated with perfl uorinated chemicals (ionic PFCs). The investigation also found that these hazardous chemicals are released into the air from the items of clothing. A shift in the type of PFCs being used was also observed, away from chemicals that are known to be hazardous, towards chemicals that are less well researched, but potentially just as bad. Besides PFCs, other hazardous chemicals – nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) and phthalates – were also found to be present in the clothing.

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